5 quick free ways to refresh your home in 2016

After the holidays are done and all the out of town guests have left your home it can feel like a whirlwind came tearing through it. Take the time to give your home the much needed refresh it deserves. Here are 5 quick and free ways to do so:
1. Swap out linens and pillows – Make your bedrooms feel brand new by changing your linens over to a different colour. Put all the reds and greens away from Christmas and bring in the cooler winter throw pillow.
2. Update framed photos – Why not print out all those amazing pictures you took over the holidays! Change the photos to represent your latest memories and your kids at their current ages.
3. Snip a branches from outside and place in a vase – In the fall and winter, bare branches look beautiful and still bring in a natural element. Grab tall long branches and place them in a vase in your hallway or on your dining table. This is a quick easy way to bring nature inside your home.
4. Swap accessories and decor from other places in your home – Even though the items may not be new to you they can be new to that room. Swap side tables from room to room or accessories on your shelves. Have a spare set of linens in the guest room? Use them in your master bedroom and it feels like you’ve been given a new sheet set.
5. Put some things in storage – Lastly, sometimes less is more. Try out the minimalistic look by removing the clutter and packing it away. Don’t let decor over take your home like it can during the holidays.