Who We Are

Diverse is a group of vertically integrated companies that offers a complete set of real estate services:

This vertically integrated business model was developed to streamline projects, help control factors related to timelines and expenses, as well as planning for economic variables. Diverse is based in the Fraser Valley (Abbotsford) and focuses on commercial, residential and recreational real estate in a variety of asset classes (raw land & buildings) in Western Canada. We believe that by being a vertically stacked company we are able to guarantee our customers and our investors the highest level of quality from step one all the way to completion.

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Our vision is to become the most respected real estate brand in the Fraser Valley.


To improve the lives of employees, investors and homeowners.

MISSION statement

We achieve our customers’ real estate dreams.


  1. Act with Integrity
  2. Be Adaptable
  3. Succeed Together
  4. Have Fun