Are you a Snowbird? We have some homeowner tips for you!

When the colder weather hits, we’re sure we speak for the majority when we say, it would be nice to escape to the sun for an extended amount of time! If you’re fortunate enough to be able to take some time in the sun, our Homeowner Warranty recommends a few tips in order to avoid issues later on.

The following is a “to do” list before vacating your home for an extended period of time
1. Roof – Prevent overflow by cleaning downspouts and gutter of leaves, birds nest or rubbish
2. Refrigerator – Disconnect, defrost and leave the door ajar
3. Water – Shut off the main water valve to prevent flooding of your home while your away.
4. Electricity – unplug unneeded appliances and electronics in your home to prevent power surge damage from lightning.
5. Telephone – If you decide to have your phone service disconnected, notify the phone company
6. Keys – Friends and neighbours can be of assistance to inspect your home daily, to ensure everything is alright. They can also access home in case of emergency
7. Heat – Maintain heat in your home during the winter months, even if your home is vacant. This will prevent condensation, mold, and warping of building materials.

For more info check out our Homeowner Warranty Manual here!